Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Afternoon Tea | The Adjustment Period

Good Afternoon My Lovelies!
I hope you all had a great week. This week I went back to work after a week and a bit of holiday and it's amazing how quickly you get used to those late night and waking up a 8am (seriously that's quite late for me). But I think I'm back into my routine.

Weekly Vlog Vol 2

I'm starting to enjoy this vlogging lark. I'm still a bit wary of look like a crazy person, but it's nice to be able to natter away.

I was able to curb my shopping cravings this week. I had a trial for my first official client and I needed base products. I quite liked shopping with someone else in mind and it took the edge off of wanting things. I really should unsubscribe to the Makeup Revolution news letter. Over the last few months they've launched some amazing products and I want them all. If I can hold off until my Birthday I'll treat myself to a big package from them. But until then I have a great many products in need of some love

As I said in my WMB I have been feeling rather uninspired lately. And not just with makeup, but with fashion too. So I picked up a few of my old favourite titles and boy have I missed them. I'll need to have a chat about me and magazines soon.

 photo mags1_zps2871a4c2.jpg

But whilst we are on the topic of inspiration I wanted to update you on my writing.

 photo notebooks1_zpsb2414b7d.jpg

I'll admit I haven't been very active on the writing front for the last few months, but since getting my new computer things have only gotten better. With everything in one place I've become more focused and with generally writing more (be it blogging or filling out info boxes) the words are flowing easier. While I'm still miles away from completing anything I'm enjoying this new surge in productivity. 

Anyway, I aught to go start dinner. We're having Roast Chicken

Love and Bugs

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Review | Rimmel Gel Liner in Emerald

 photo Rimmelemeraldliner_zps593b3add.jpg

Monday, 5 January 2015

Weekly Makeup Bag | 05-Jan-15

 photo wmbjan515_zps93f4083f.jpg

NOTD | Fancy a Cup of Chai

Hello My Lovelies!
Look back on 2014 I notice that I neglected my nail polish sooo much. In 2015 I want to challenge myself to change my polish every 2-3 days. I have a ridiculous amount of polish (Polish Collection coming soon!) and I'm not even a polish girl.
So in the spirit of things let's get this started! 
 photo marrymchai_zps3b5c296d.jpg

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Chai

 photo marrymchaiswatch_zps134e6807.jpg

This little guy is from Barry M's Autumn collection. I have to give Barry M major props for stepping up their game in the last year. From new product launches to seasonal collections, they have really grown as a brand. 
Chai is possibly my favourite grey polish. I find most grey polishes are either too light to matter, too cool toned to pull off or just look too much like a storm cloud to be pretty. Chai, whilst being darker, has a touch of warmth to it that makes it flattering. And the high shine Gelly finish stop the colour falling flat.
And while I'm just playing it safe with a plain mani today I'm sure you could rock some serious glitter on top of this!
What's your favourite Grey?

Love and Bugs

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo | Introduction

 photo finish5bycincodemayo_zpsc923ffcf.jpg

Sunday Coffee Morning | I'm in the Groove

Good Morning My Lovelies!
I hope your year is getting off to a great start. I have been bitten by the productivity bug. Armed with my cameras and my new computer I'm an unstoppable force. 
So that was my first attempt at Weekly Vlog. How'd I do?

A staple of my week has been 80's music. Who am I kidding? 80's music is a staple of my life. But this past week in particular I've been listening to 101 80s Anthems*, it's one of the best collections I've found and it's been playing nearly 24/7. Good thing I have head phones or I'd have driven Nick up the wall with it.
Anyway I have a bit more editing to do before I can enjoy the last of my time off. I'm back to work tomorrow. Oh the thought of purposefully getting up that early again, but needs must.

Are you back to work yet?

Love and Bugs

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