Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday Morning Tea Break | Time Sure Does Fly

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Good Morning My Lovelies!
It's been a month since my last post, I hadn't realised it had been so long. I have been distracted by life, but now I'm back I have so much to share.
I aiming to get back to posting daily videos and hopefully daily blogs too. I have been shopping over the last month or so and I have loads to share with. Also my current addiction to New Adult fiction (Oh My I could hole up for months with that crack!), I have a stack of recommendations and reviews coming soon. I also want to talk a lot more about music, just generally over the last year I have rekindled my love affair with music. And lastly I want to talk about the novels I'm working on. (Yes that's an ambitious plural, but they're coming along nicely).
I'm currently borrowing a computer though. My laptop is having its annual trip to rehab. For some reason it seems to think it doesn't have a hard drive any more (even though it had one 6 hours earlier). But it should come home by the end of the month. I'm thinking of replacing it entirely and get a beast of a desk top PC. With all the editing and constantly shifting of files, I think it's getting to be too much for my laptop, I've had it for 5 years now so it has done well for the abuse I put it through.
Anyway, I'm going to finish my tea and get ready for the day. I have a few hours of filming ahead and a trip to the post office.  - Hanna and Cami, don't worry I haven't forgotten :) -

Love and Bugs

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Coffee Morning | Well... More Like Tea

Good Morning My Lovelies!

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Okay so I'm having tea and cookies for breakfast, not the most nutritious but it's my last hurrah! The diet starts tomorrow. I'm going to start with cutting out junk food and drink more water. After a week or so I'll start fazing in some exercise. I'm by no means saying I'm fat, I just need tune up :)

Have you all had a great week? Mine has been fun. I rediscovered Netflix. By which I mean I was thinking of canceling my subscription when a friend to my that Ru Paul's Drag Race was on there. I'm hooked. There's also a lot of cool stuff on there. The Baby Sitter's Club, Pretty n Pink and Party Monster. I also can't to binge on Skins, I stopped watching it half way through the third season.

I also had an eye opener this week. I placed an order at BH Cosmetics during their Labor Day Sale and ELF had a 40%off Flash sale and I took advantage. Then I took inventory of my collection and compared it to last year. Well... that video will be up soon.
Anyway here's a round up of the last week:

Here's to a great week ahead. Full of Reading, Effie and Shame!

Love and Bugs

Give Away Winners!

Hello My Lovelies!
I'm sorry it has taken me so long to announce the winners of the back 2 school give away. I seem to be cursed, everytime I host a give away one of the prizes becomes unavailable (be it out of stock or discontinued). This time is no different. Not only have Rimmel seemed to have stopped making the kohl kajal in anything but black, but MUA have had a revamp and whilst it's awesome their shadows now have names, I can't work out which used to be pearl 11.
So I will replace the liner with one of my favourites from Max Factor and replace the MUA shadow with Mardi Gras from Seventeen.
Since only two people entered the giveaway, Camilla and Miss Budget Beauty, I think it's only fair that you both win. 

If you could e-mail me at with your address I will have you prizes sent out within the next week :)
Love and Bugs

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Saturday Night | For Those Of Us With Nothing Better To Do

Hello My Lovelies!
Am I the only one home with their three cats and drinking chocolate milk this Saturday night? Well maybe I'm on the cats and chocolate milk (but don't be hating on my shake), but if you're home tonight with nothing better to do I have a few treats for you.
I did my monthly trawl through the freebie e-books on Amazon and I got a good haul of 30 titles. I'm just going to share the five I think sound the most interesting.
In Between by Jenny B. Jones
Can we overcome our past? 
Katie Parker is about to get a new life—whether she wants one or not. With her mom in prison, and her father AWOL, Katie is sent to live with a squeaky-clean family who could have their own sitcom. She launches a full-scale plan to get sent back to the girls’ home when she finds herself in over her head...and heart. When Katie and her new "wrong crowd" get into significant trouble at school, she finds her punishment is restoring a historic theater with a crazy grandma who goes by the name of Mad Maxine. In the midst of her punishment, Katie uncovers family secrets that run deep, and realizes she's not the only one with a pain-filled past. Katie must decide if she'll continue her own family’s messed up legacy or embrace a new beginning in this place called In Between.

True Love and Magic Tricks by Becca Ann & Tessa Marie
Kaylee Sperling is a social butterfly with a million acquaintances, but no real close friends. The closest thing she has is her pet gerbil, Mr. Pippi, and 150 notes from a random classmate who won’t reveal who he is. But she’s crossing her fingers it’s the self-proclaimed magician and total hottie, Nate Hatfield.
Nate needs an assistant for the upcoming talent show. When he spots Kaylee folding herself in half during gym class stretches, he nervously asks for help with his magic act. But after a disappearing mishap, resulting in an accident with one of Kaylee’s only friends, Mr. Pippi, Nate must figure out how not only to keep his assistant, but someone who’s come to mean much more to him than his illusions.

The Homecoming Masquerade by Spencer Baum
In a posh suburb of the nation’s capital, at the most exclusive high school in the world, the vampires who secretly run the government have created a game for America’s daughters of privilege. Show up to Homecoming in a black dress and you’ve entered yourself in a contest where the winner lives forever, and the loser becomes the winner’s first meal.
Only the wealthiest, most connected students can hope to win, so when new girl Nicky Bloom wears a black dress to Homecoming, everyone assumes she has a death wish. They don’t know that Nicky has her own agenda. As the dance continues into the night, they will find out that Nicky Bloom is far more than she seems.

Forgotten Time by Lorraine Beaumont
Katherine Nicole Jamison never imagined when she took a job at a prestigious auction house for the summer, that one moment of impulsiveness could change her life forever. When she "borrows" an ancient amulet she inadvertently sets in motion a series of events which results in her waking up in 18th century England, betrothed to an arrogant, self-centered Earl.
Sebastian de Winter ~ The Earl of Ravenhurst, is a renowned womanizer who always prided himself as being a ladies man, until he is left standing at the altar. His betrothed vanishes into thin air and as if by magic reappears months later. But is she his betrothed?
Ravenhurst ~ a once forgotten legend, locked somewhere within the gloomy confines of this ancient edifice is the key that will unlock the door of time itself.
Katherine and Sebastian are thrown together by forces unknown, and are unwitting participants in a legend as old as King Arthur’s Realm. As these two very different, but very real people succumb to their hidden desires, they find in each other what no one else can give them, an everlasting love which time cannot forget.

 Adventures In Funeral Crashing

Kait Lenox has a reputation as the weird girl in her high school, mostly because of her ex-best friend turned mean popular girl, Ariel, but maybe it has a little to do with the fact that Kait has a hobby crashing funerals. At one of these, Kait is outted by the most popular guy in school, Ethan Ripley. Yet, instead of humiliating her for all the world to see, he asks for her help, and Kait finds herself entangled in a murder mystery. Not only is the thrill of the mystery exciting, but more importantly Ethan knows her name! A little sleuthing is well worth that!

The Fab Life by Mercy Amare
It’s the life I was born to live: billionaire’s daughters, living amongst the rich & famous. But my mom kept me a secret from my dad. Until now.
I am so out of my league. Fancy parties, expensive cars, and a private school for the elite… It sounds like a dream. But everything is not as perfect as it seems on the outside. Here, the secrets are dirty, and the lies comes easy.
Welcome to my fab life.

Okay, so there's six... I couldn't choose. A great mix of teen drama and fantasy. I hope you find something you like to curl up and read with the kitties.
Love and Bugs

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Monday, 1 September 2014

New Season | New Make Up?

Good Morning My Lovelies!
September is finally here. August seemed to go on forever. Today marks the beginning of Autumn for me (my favourite Season). What better time to pick up a few new make up bits for the new Season.

Me Me Me Cosmetics seems to think so. They are offering a 25% discount on all cosmetics until September 14th. Just use this code at checkout.

This is a great time to check out some new product launches as well as stock up on old favourites like Beat the Blues Illuminators.

Love and Bugs

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Coffee Morning | The Week That's Been & The Week To Come

Good Morning My Lovelies!
Coming at you with a pre-work post. I don't have to leave for another 40 mins so I thought I'd hop on here for a little chit chat.
How are you all? I hope you had a wonderful week. Mine was great, very productive. I have a whole load of posts coming this week, I'm so excited. I've also got loads of videos coming too! That pretty much sums up my week, taking pictures and editing lol.
It's more the coming week I'm excited for. Bout of Books begins tomorrow, a week long readathon where all you have to do is read. There are no rules and no gimmicks like include a manga or only read books with pretty girls in ball gowns on the cover. I love the freedom of Bout of Books. I'll have my TBR up tonight to talk about the books I picked. I set myself a personal rule of only reading books with less than 300 pages, this way I can maximize my time and feel like I'm accomplishing more.
I also picked up some November Issues! I got Elle, RED, Harper's Bazaar and Instyle, unfortunately I couldn't find Vogue but I already have their Collections Issue. But between them I think I'm set for the new season and I have so many fashion related posts coming. Particularly about shoes, I'm really digging this seasons shoes (Hello metallic T-Bars!). Also, finally a take on the 60s that isn't all about Twiggy or Psychedelic prints. Be still my heart.
Here a roundup of what I posted this week:

Anyway I must go now, adult responsibility calls (it kinda sucks being a grown up sometimes lol).
What are your plans for the coming week?
Love and Bugs

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