About Me

I'm Laura Galloway.
This Blog is about very superficial subjects. Beauty products, make up, music, celebrities and the like. Please understand that the content of this Blog is not a direct reflection of who I am as person. I know there are far more important things in life beyond which foundation is more long wearing? Or which nail colour is trending this season? This is for fun. My little break from reality. We all need it from time to time.
I am actually just a waitress. I'm still undecided what course I want to take in life. Do I want to be a teacher or a beautician? An accountant or fashion designer? Or should I just go get married and start pumping out kids? We'll see what happens!
In the mean time I like to read ( a lot), write (both fiction and discursive pieces) and watch a damn good film.
Love and Bugs

Contact Me : laura.pixie_g@yahoo.co.uk

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